9 ft Ceilings
8 ft Doors
Built-In Appliances
LED Lights

Hafiza Homes Standard Specifications.

Far ahead of its competitors, Hafiza homes sets a new standard of living. Enjoy high ceilings, grand 8 ft solid doors, professional strength hardware, built-in appliances and a wide variety of material selections.

  • Mechanical -
    2 - 96% efficient Furnaces, Oversized HWT, 2 Humidifiers, Digital thermostats, A/C rough-in.
  • Electrical Data and low voltage -
    Decora Switches, Pot Lighting, Co-ax and Cat5 connections to all living spaces and bedrooms
  • finishing -
    8 ft Solid Core Passage Doors, Flat Painted Ceilings on main floor common areas, Included Built-Ins and custom designed kitchen and bathroom cabinets.


Home Elevators
Glass Walls
Star Ceilings
LED lighting
Stone walls
Secret Doorways


Eco-Friendly Power

Complete Home Energy Solutions

Harness the immense free energy of our sun. Help power your home while reducing your carbon footprint. Evolve towards sustainable living. 

  • Solar panels, batteries, programing and complete Installation
  • track energy usage
  • reduce carbon emmisions by harnessing clean energy


Home Automation

one touch Controls

Plan life simple. Your curtains open, the lights turns on to an ambient brightness and the interior temperature has already risen to your ideal setting. Your day has started before you have even woken from your sleep. The heated tile warms to a perfect comfortable temperature and your ready to step into the day. There are many features to be enjoyed when your home is equipped for complete automation. 

  • Control - TVs, Home Audio, Theatre-Audio, Lighting, Security, Fireplaces, Pools, Blinds, Curtains, Thermostats and much more.
  • Touch Displays, Signal boosters, ethernet and data locations.
  • Complete or partial systems
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